What is CARSTOP?

This technical device has been carefully developed and been in daily use for many years. It prevents your car from sliding away.

The three large, stable steel spikes of the CARSTOP safety wedge make sure that the wheels of your vehicle will be firmly connected to the ground, as soon as you drive onto the wedge ramp.

The steel spikes are pressed into the road surface and the robust wedge with a total of 32 plastic studs of superior quality achieve excellent road holding.

It does not matter whether you drive on firm tarmac or on a slippery, ice-covered road. The wedge fits any size of wheel.

CARSTOP weighs a mere 400 grams but can be used for any type of vehicle up to a weight of 2.5 tons for CARSTOP is made of unbreakable plastic of high quality which even resists UV rays.

Because of its plainly visible yellow color and the two red reflective rear lights CARSTOP has the effect of a warning signal to all other road users.


CARSTOP has a firm grip on the ground.

CARSTOP fits any size of wheel.

CARSTOP does not rust.

CARSTOP is almost undestroyable and because of the well-thought, superior design it is safe in its use.


on a mountain slope


when changing wheels


in snowy and icy weather conditions


when Camping

There is also a practical mounting device that goes with the CARSTOP wedges so that you can attach CARSTOP easily and conveniently to your caravan, boat trailer or vehicle.